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About Melbourne Piano Sales

Melbourne Piano Sales opened in 1994 as a family business selling pianos to Melbourne from it’s store located in Richmond. My Father Ross and I have worked in partnership to build the piano business with a tailored approach for our clients and focus on piano quality.

We specialise in Yamaha pianos, Kawai and Steinway upright & grand pianos sourced from private owners in Melbourne and abroad. This means we can offer the very best upright, grand and baby grand pianos in the market at a reasonable cost.

With a lifetime of experience in the piano industry, we know what to buy and what to avoid. We welcome anyone who is serious about selecting the right piano or just needs some honest advice. Whether you are a beginner or a professional musician, we will have something to suit you and your budget.

Drop in and say hi. We look forward to meeting you.


Pianos available at Melbourne Piano Sales

Our Melbourne showroom displays unique Steinway grand pianos & baby grand pianos sourced from all over the world, alongside a range of quality upright pianos from Yamaha & Kawai.  We often have Yamaha grand pianos, Kawai grand pianos along with baby grands from each of these prestigious marques.  Our range of grand pianos, baby grand pianos and uprights are always changing,  so please call or drop by to find out which pianos are in stock.

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Bad Pinaos from Melbourne Piano Sales

Every piano has a finite lifespan. Good quality pianos that
have been looked after properly have been known to last
for a century, but neglect, lack of maintenance, overuse and
mistreatment can greatly reduce a pianos life.

Pianos used in schools for example, are usually retired within 10 years. Eventually all pianos become untunable and have no further use as a musical instrument.

After 30 years of buying and selling pianos we know what to look for and what to avoid.

  • - We only buy Yamaha and Kawai pianos that were made in Japan
  • - We only buy Steinway pianos that were made in Hamburg or New York
  • - The piano must have been privately used and bought new or from us

We are definitely NOT interested in 100 year old German uprights, Grandma’s old piano that’s been in the shed for 20 years, or pianos from third world countries. Generally they have no re-sale value, and wouldn’t suit a serious pianist.

Remember, pianos don’t get better with age, in fact the opposite is true.

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